Sometimes drugs are just the most convenient way to cope with life’s bullshit

So Nigella Lawson won’t be facing charges over admitting narcotic use, and people are surprised? Of course she’s not. Taking drugs is not illegal. In fact, technically, the second those little white crystals went up her nose she was no longer breaking the law for possession. So the woman found solace in a few lines of charlie during some bad times in her life, big deal. Watching her husband die from a painful illness, and subsequently marrying an abusive ponce is more than enough justification to get off-planet for a bit.

Look at her show. At the end she was always popping down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and raiding the fridge for some midnight munchies. We’ve all done that after a few doobs haven’t we? Well, I guess not, and I’m not implying she was stoned while doing it, but would it matter if she were? I mean, really? Would the sun still rise? Would the tides still turn and the Earth still spin if Nigella Lawson smoked a doob, watched cartoons til 2am and then popped to the fridge for a serving of that awesome Rocky Road that she makes.

Recently Peter Hitchens hit out at addiction as being due to a detriment of character. Poor Peter Hitchens. Like every man has one testicle larger than the other, Peter is the shrivelled, puny little nugget forever overshadowed by the mighty proud manly bollock that is the legacy of his late brother Christopher.

But of course Peter would not understand addiction. He is a physically healthy male, white, heterosexual, Christian and very highly paid as a propagandist for the ‘Daily Heil’. Why on earth would he want to get off of a planet that is perfectly rigged for him and others like him?

Drugs are a coping mechanism, whether they be the unrestricted caffeine or cocoa, the age-restricted Alcohol or Nicotine, or the illegal substances, we all use something to take the edge off.

Debts, repression, uncertainty of the big black abyss, these things cause emotional distress. Illnesses like MS, Arthritis and the like make the lives of their sufferers unbearable at times, and certain substances have been shown to relieve some or even most related suffering. Whether the ailment be physical, mental or emotional, we find a way to cope that is best for us.

Now, is it any wonder that deprived areas have higher rates of addiction and the resulting problems coming from supplying to the demand of an illicit substance? If you take the drugs away from run down areas, Mr Hitchens, what are people going to do? Sit around nice and sober and figure out that it is sanctimonious, judgmental bastards like you who prop up the system that causes these social problems in the first place. Mr Hitchens will long to be off-planet when they come knocking.

So everyone, rich and poor, has their drug, and everyone has their reason. Why do people overdose or fall into addiction? Because the only education on the matter is Mackay-esque “Drugs are bad. You shouldn’t do drugs Mmmmkay”. Tell us why they are bad, tell us why they are good and let us make up our own minds. Stop writing people off as soon as they pop one pill or do a cheeky line.

Tell us what we really care about.

“Cocaine is great fun to take when having sex, but if you take too much you’ll just turn into a massive arsehole and no one will want to know you.” would be far more educational.

That’s what they taught us about alcohol at school. Not that it would rot your liver, or that it could lead some deep emotional problems that can lead to your personality becoming abusive, but that your nob wouldn’t work during sex, or that you were more likely to get pregnant or raped. Sod the health aspects, eh?

I have done drugs (sorry Mum and Dad). Gender Dysphoria isn’t a nice thing to deal with, especially when you don’t feel you can talk about it to anyone, and even moreso when there are laws in effect that disallow anyone in a position of care to talk to you about it. I used to have an emotional dependency on alcohol, I smoked for seventeen years and I have used cannabis, cocaine, speed and MDMA. No they didn’t solve my problems but they acted quite effectively like those cushiony things you put on sharp edges to stop kids banging their heads on the table corner.

All these people who were leaving comments on the news pages that somehow thought that Nigella Lawson should be prosecuted for something that wasn’t against the law seem to have very little grasp of society, or are ignorant to their own socially acceptable addictions.

The ethics of supporting an illicit drugs trade are a different matter of course, but isn’t that just a government creating an opening in a capitalist system for a business opportunity? Were it not for the US and their war on drugs, the drugs industry would not be anywhere near as well organised and armed. Just like the war on terror, the US government thinks concepts can be defeated with military force. They might as well declare war on Rainbows. We, the rest of the world, doesn’t want to upset the US, but if we are declaring war on concepts or the intangible, wouldn’t we all be better off declaring war on poverty, unhappiness, despair, destitution and intolerance?

So if Nigella wants to do a line or two to take the edge off some shit in her life, why condemn her above others? Is it because she’s doing something naughty, or is it just because we want our drug users to look like Amy Winehouse and Shane McGowan?



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