Sorry Julie, but I really think you SHOULD double check your privilege after all!

Here is Julie’s article

and here is my response.


Normally I am one for reasoned argument and debate, but since your attitude is standing in the way of fair and reasoned discourse, I feel justified in calling you a fatuous fetid fucking bellend!
I am one of the biggest proponents of Feminism you could ever meet. It’s not because I’ve done the course, or read the books or burnt a bra or let my pubes grow into the shape and size of Terry Wogan’s toupee, but because I believe wholeheartedly in the absolute equality between all human beings, regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexuality or favourite Star Trek Captain. I don’t subscribe to a specific ideology of feminism because I find them to be exclusionary even to other feminist ideas. Instead, I will stand up to any bigoted attitude I come up against to the best of my ability, and I devote myself to challenging preconceptions, and opposing victim blaming and ‘slut shaming’ wherever I encounter it.

You on the other hand very openly subscribe to an ideology where some people are more deserving of acknowledgement and respect than others, without letting little things like facts get in the way. So without further ado, I would consider it a Mitzvah to educate you a little on where your article seems to have fallen from your backside.

First off, comparing the challenges that western trans-people face, to the plight of women of more stone-age cultures is childish. Of course Transwomen in the UK aren’t subject to the same abysmal treatment as in places where women are subject to systematic rape, trafficking and mutilation to preserve a disgustingly patriarchal theocracy. However, did you give thought to consider how trans people in these cultures are treated? In most of these culture, Transgenderism and Transsexuality are viewed as general Homosexuality and the reaction tends to be brutal and fatal.

Third world women have it really shitty, but third world Trans people do too. Why don’t we just do what educated British white people love to do, and talk about our first world problems instead?

Now, your assertions are pretty off on what life is like for a British Transwoman. First off, HRT. Seriously, we’re on HRT from almost the start of our transition. Your assertion that it is a unique part of the ‘Cisgender experience’ is ignorant. I was 29 when I started HRT, and I know many others who started much younger than I. What percentage of Cis-women are on HRT from their 20s, or even their teens?

What about sexual harassment? You claim that all women will be on the receiving end of unwanted and aggressive sexual advances, but that Transwomen don’t have that problem. You may have the attitude that Transwomen are either truck drivers in a bad wig with a name like ‘Sparkle’ that no one wants to fuck, or heavily plastic surgeried ladyboy sex fiends who will suck anything you put in front of them. In fact Julie, most trans people I know look and act quite ‘normal’. Let me assure you that my treatment from amorous guys who DON’T clock me as trans is a lot more respectful than my treatment from those who do. You see Julie, we are so heavily portrayed as fetishists or sexual objects, that a certain subset of men feel as entitled to our bodies as they do to any other woman’s. However, with our perceived lower standing in society, there is much less effort made to charm us before it gets nasty and aggressive.

The assertion that we get all our ‘beautification’ surgeries on the NHS is bullshit. As wonderful as a Vagina is, I would hardly put its aesthetics high on a list of the pros of owning one. You wouldn’t mount it above the fireplace to admire for all time, it’d give the kids nightmares and make the dog run away.

We get the offer of GRS after a period of two to three years and that is pretty much it. Any other surgeries that we might possibly be eligible for on the NHS require a lot of grovelling and waiting to even get the most basic of feminising treatments. Even something as simple and vital to everyday life as hair removal is virtually impossible to get funding for, and we have to be living full time for nearly a year before we get any assistance in the very baseline form of hormones. Essentially, we are expected to spend the first few months of our lives as women, with NO physical help whatsoever, in a society that views us as little more than perverts, punchbags or punchlines.
Please tell me the last time a cisperson got beaten to death or driven to suicide by someone ripping them a new orifice over their gender identity? The issues and challenges that Transwomen face in our culture are either the same, or near identical issues to those that feminists have been fighting against for over a century. To abandon someone’s right to be taken seriously and treated respectfully as a woman just because of the genitals they were born with is an abomination of the principals of equality that women throughout the world have suffered and died for.

It is not up to YOU, Julie Burchill, to decide who IS and who ISN’T a man, or a woman, or a squirrel, or a houseplant, or a roll of duct tape. You, and other self righteous, dogmatic evangelists of all doctrines, ideologies and theologies, do not get to decide MY identity, and there are plenty of people out there much better qualified to voice their opinion on the matter than you are.

You want to stand against glass ceilings, FGM, sex trafficking, rape culture, victim blaming, slut shaming and double standards, then I will stand right beside you propping up the other side of the banner, but when you turn on a subset of vulnerable women and treat us like imposters and fantasists, we will show you up for the hypocritical twat that you are.



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