Ten dumbass things people have said to me as a Transwoman

1. Pre-op or Post-op?

Because in our society ‘describe your genitals’ is interchangeable with ‘Hello.”

2. So, are you gay then?

It’s not the same thing, that’s why ‘G’ and ‘T’ are two separate elements of the acronym ‘LGBT’ and, like in the drink, represent two very different components.

3. I don’t believe in ‘Transsexuals’

That’s okay, I don’t believe in stupid arseholes so now we can spend the rest of our lives not getting in each other’s way.

4. A mate of mine, he did the same thing as you.

If ‘he’s’ really a mate, you’d try and get the pronouns right.

5. A mate of mine, he did the same thing as you. Do you know him?

Yes, because there’s only five of us and every year we gather in Brighton to dance in glitter.

6. God wanted you to be a man.

Well, the voice in MY head is named Brian and he’s totally cool with it. He has a thick Bolton accent and winks at me every time I feel sad.

7. I can’t imagine having ‘that’ removed.

Of course not, you’re not Transgender. Without yours you’d have no personality or brains whatsoever.

8. I’ve often wondered what it’s like to be a woman.

Well pull up a sailor and sit yourself down while we give each other makeovers and giggle about boys! SISTERS FOR EVER!!!!!!

9. Are THOSE real.

Real or not, you have no right to grab them without my permission.

10. So you’re a Shemale/Ladyboy/HeShe/Tranny then?

Well now we know what’s in YOUR porn collection, don’t we?



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3 responses to “Ten dumbass things people have said to me as a Transwoman

  1. Not to mention all the trans bullshit I hear feminists throw at women like you, that you are not “real” women because of your upbringing, which means you don’t understand the plight we have had to put up with growing up with, like being cat-called, judged purely on our looks, that you don’t know what it’s like to be thought less simply for being a woman. (Which I know all is bullshit, maturing with an androgynous body and with butch [as opposed to typical heteronormative] expectations often puts me at odds with my femme counterparts).

    I am sure being congratulated to fully “pass” sounds more like a slap in the face?

    You didn’t mention about being asked what your “real” name is?

    What about “no-op” transes?

    • well I have to save some material for volume 2 😉 but yes, these are all very valid and worthy additions. Thank you for contributing and welcome to my blog. Hope you stick around 😀 xxxx

      • I am. I am sure you’d love to hear the shit I had to put up with being “butch” (between recently losing a lot of weight and growing my hair I am noticeably “softer” now) yet going most the time asexual. And having doctors and shrinks recommending putting me on something to get something going.

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