People speaking their native language on public transport? Hanging’s too good for ’em, right Nige?

Oh Mister Farage…

…’recognisable’ is such a subjective term.

In case you are daunted by the prospect of seeing photographs of a smug git, the gist of the article is the xenophobic bloke with the French sounding name who leads UKIP has said that parts of Britain are ‘unrecognisable’ because he was sat on a train in the South-East and not enough people were speaking English.

First off, for someone that is so against the idea of a ‘surveillance state’, he seems to have done a fair bit of earwigging in on other people’s conversations.

Secondly, the South-East of England needs some multiculturalism. I grew up in the area, where, outside of London, Luton and Hitchin, the closest you got to ethnic diversity was that there were Protestants, Catholics and a few Jews. I’ve sat in pubs or houses full of white people, living in their all white towns, in their all white counties all speaking English (or at least trying to) while they complain about how overrun the country is with foreigners and brown people.

Of course they don’t mind some brown people. How can one just nip down the ‘Paki shop’ for some fags at half-ten at night, if they’ve deported all the Asians? Or staggering back from the pub, who would there be to make slightly racist jokes with at the kebab shop, thus convincing oneself that one has ethnic friends, and providing oneself with a disclaimer at the start of every racist opinion, joke or anecdote? No, so long as there’s only a few of them and they are in subservient positions to us mighty whities.  Heck, I was about eight years old before I realised that all the four brown people in my village had legs. There had always a shop counter in the way.

Eastern Europeans, on the other hand, serve no purpose but to upstage and undercut British builders, plumbers and electricians. It’s a sad day when a shaven headed, knuckle scraping ape with a vocabulary of forty-two words and eight varieties of grunting, can’t overcharge his loyal customers for a shoddy construction job.

“Wiring’s all done mate, just don’t use the toaster and the dishwasher at the same time or it’ll create a short and the house will explode… that’ll be seventy-three grand! Call it eighty for cash.”

And look at their food! With the Indians you’ve got Tikka Masala, Poppadoms, Vindaloo, mango chutney, and with the Chinese you’ve got Egg Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour, foo yung, chow mein, and portion of ‘chip’… You know where you are with that lot. Go in to an eastern European supermarket and it’s just jars of pickled cabbage and lots of strange smoked sausages. Your average ‘PROPA’ BLOKE’ has no need for these things. Pickling is only for onions, eggs and those green bits you pick out of Big Macs, and he can’t put a sausage near his face in case people think he’s a bender.

Also, we never owned them, so we don’t trust them. Look at how eager the ones we used to own are to serve us. We can call every guy who works in the local Tandoori ‘Abdul’, place orders in our attempt at the accent and carry the joke on waaaay too long, get pissed, wreck their bathrooms, kick off about something ridiculous and they STILL show exemplary customer service. That’s because, due to race memory, they are just so delighted at the prospect of serving white people once more, isn’t it? Nope, they’re just smiling because they’re putting so much chilli in your vindaloo that your backside will resemble the Japanese flag ‘til sometime Wednesday evening.

Of course this means that anyone of an ethnic minority NOT in the service sector is only where they are because of workplace tokenism and the UK equivalent of ‘Affirmative Action’. I mean, what’s it going to be like ‘when’ white people are no longer a majority (which I believe the Daily Mail is currently projecting to happen a week on Friday)?

Leicester! City of culture… City of many cultures to be precise. It is where I live, and it is fabulous. So are places like Nottingham, Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, Glasgow etc. I can walk to and through the city centre and not hear one syllable of spoken English, and that does not bother me in the slightest. People of all cultural backgrounds will give you a smile and a friendly greeting. People will sit next to you in the park just for a chat. People are mingling and mixing and getting together creating a wonderful society where difference doesn’t have to be repressed or discarded to fit in. Seeing a husband in wife in traditional Muslim clothing walking around the Gay Pride festival and bouncing along to the resident Drag Queens’ Abba medley was a sight to behold, and, come on, let’s not deny it… There is nothing more beautiful than a mixed race baby. You have to be a very special type of arsehole to look at a baby and hate it.

Anyone who thinks that British Identity is at risk is missing the glaringly obvious. Society, culture and identity evolve with each passing generation. Old traditions die out, new traditions are born. Language, music, politics, all these change every couple of decades, and the previous generation always thinks that they had it perfect. Immigration isn’t the catastrophic flood that the tabloids make it out to be, it is the stimulant that encourages us to grow and evolve.

What is British Identity anyway? Being half Celtic, my bloodline is tied to these isles for much longer than anyone who claims Saxon, or Norman descent, and yet we all obsess over lineage. Surely National Identity is about sharing a set of core values together, but what are British values to be proud of?

An empire built on the backs of slavery and conquest? What about strict social hierarchy based on bloodlines, or mistrust of social mobility? I’m not going to stand and wave the St. George’s flag (Incidentally St George was a Palestinian martyr who never even saw England) while chanting about how great England is because ‘that’s just what you do’.

No, I am proud of my British Identity because we have Shakespeare, Burns, Wilde, Shelley, Byron, Brontes 1, 2 and 3, Dickens and Rowling. We have The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Queen, Adele. We love to laugh and have some of the best comedians in the world. We have a film industry that makes masterpieces on budgets of nothing, and we’ve exported the story of an alien who lives in a blue box throughout the globe. We appear reserved and sophisticated, but we all know even the Queen would laugh at a fart joke if it strikes the right note. We are compassionate, we give aid to countries that need it, and we have universal healthcare and a welfare system to help those in unfortunate circumstances. We like everything to be a little crap because it gives us something to complain about and joke about. This is our identity, it is our culture, and it is a set of values that we share.

So, Mister Farage… Nigel… c’mon, do you really want to cling to the idea of an England where everyone looks, acts and sounds the same? Is it so hard to think that, with the cultural changes we have seen even from the beginning of the 20th Century, that this is just the next step in our cultural evolution? In fact, let’s be fair, go back half a millennium and you’ll find all sorts of different languages spoken by natives of these isles. The Cornish, the Welsh, the Scots… even the different regions have strong dialects. What if it had been people speaking Welsh on your train instead? Would that be a problem? Gaelic or Cornish? Would these be acceptable to your ears? What about a really thick Geordie accent… like proper thick?

Nigel, you represent an England that is more concerned with appearance than substance. This biscuit tin lid idea of jolly little England is a myth, and in harkening back to it, you ignore the real truth about our society and about our ever growing culture. The enemy isn’t Europe, or migrant workers, or equal marriage or any of the other things UKIP is against. The enemy is those who will try and turn people against each other for their own benefits, and that Nigel, is you.


Note: I now have the image in my head of the Queen repeatedly blowing off during some state occasionand making Phillip take the blame. I don’t think it is going anywhere.



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6 responses to “People speaking their native language on public transport? Hanging’s too good for ’em, right Nige?

  1. It is always nice to meet someone who is open to rational debate. However I need to pick a few holes in what you said.

    First off, when I woke up this morning, I didn’t have a ‘Gay’ breakfast, and I didn’t go for a ‘Gay walk after. It’s not ‘Gay Marriage’ it’s just marriage, that’s the whole point of equality. But to continue to call it ‘Gay Marriage’ puts out the message that is in some way different. We don’t have ‘Black Marriage’ or ‘Socialist Marriage’. And I’m not gay anyway, I am Bisexual and the law applies to me as well. I am not being anal and ‘PC’ about this, but until the same language is used for something that applies to everyone, people will keep looking at it as something different.

    The whole ‘Space, not Race’ thing. I actually understand what you mean and sympathise. You’re in High-Wycombe right? The South-East is MASSIVELY overcrowded. I know, I’m a commuter belt kid myself, but that’s because 15 million people are crammed into a hundred square miles. It’s why housing is so expensive, but if you look further out there isn’t that problem. Vast swathes of the country are under-inhabited, but with the exception of a few large cities and towns, the government is very keen to keep the majority of investment within the London area. The issue here is not immigration, but in the very centralist views of the government… any government… and I don’t see any plans from UKIP to be any different.

    The main issue is that we are looking at the wrong problem for the country. We have no manufacturing base any more save for a few car factories and Bombardier in Derby, and even that is looking ropey. We also have a corrupt tax system, where a tiny percentage of the population have the vast majority of wealth, but most of that money is despatched to offshore accounts and tax havens as opposed to being reinvested into the economy. The estimates on that seem to put the cost to the economy at around £120 billion per year. George Osbourne could have solved a lot of the country’s problems just by closing loopholes and enforcing tax law, but because of all the agreements between business and all main parties, that is never going to be on the cards. The system will always be rigged to keep the wealth with the same people and to make sure when they break the economy, that they are the ones who are helped first.

    UKIP also seems to be on the side of big business and not on the side of the working (or trying to be working) person on the street. UKIP are very good at telling is what they are against, but when it comes to what they are for, there doesn’t appear to be any detailed proposals or feasible plans. I am not a socialist, I think a little capitalism is good for innovation and advancement, but what is really killing us as a nation is this stranglehold that those at the top have.

    Oswald Moseley once said at a fundraising event “Politics needs a hate plank” in order to drum up emotion and garner support. He was right. All this argument over Europe, immigration, religious freedoms, equal marriage… it’s ultimately misdirection by a media controlled by tax exiles, propping up governments who feel entitled to rule. Most parties are guilty of it but they are big enough to be subtle about it. UKIP’s growth in the past few years has come from pandering to fear of change, fear of foreigners, fear of difference and fear of lost identity. The UK cannot stand independently, we just don’t have the infrastructure to support ourselves, and since right wing parties are notoriously against public spending, a UKIP government would leave us floundering.

    • Well like I said before I’m not going to argue for or against the redefinition of marriage. Personally I think it’s fine so long as Churches or other religious institutes aren’t forced to perform ceremonies. However if they want to, great. I’m a Christian and I don’t think being homosexual or homosexual marriage is a sin.

      I see what you’re saying but again I disagree. I used to live at Naphill near High Wycombe, but moved to Dartmoor when a truly beautiful little wood behind my house was ploughed to make way for new housing. I moved to Devon ten years ago. I don’t really think there is a single under-populated place left in the UK; Dartmoor is vast but farmers have lives more or less in perfect harmony with nature here for generations. I would hate to see the South West become like the South East in terms of population, no matter what the race or political ideology. We rely on tourism here, but these are visitors, not permanent residents. Personally I think we owe it to nature not to overcrowd any more than we already are- hey I’m sounding like an environmentalist!

      I’m sorry but I think UKIP stand up for the working class, they are the only major party that listens to their concerns and don’t dismiss them as (in the words of Gordon Brown) “bigotry”. My working-class Nan who marched against Thatcher and donated a good chunk of her salary to Labour for decades feels utterly betrayed by Labour and feels there are only a small handful of MPs left in Labour who truly care about the working class. She is now going to vote UKIP, and trust me, this is a big thing for her. Same for my Dad, a former socialist, and many more I could name.

      Fear of change? Well yes, if change is negative, the only sane position is to be afraid. Fear of foreigners? No, just of uncontrolled immigration. Fear of difference? Well I think the same thing that I said for change applies, but it is important to remember UKIP loves Europe, and hates the EU. I guess you could ask Farage’s German wife. Fear of lost identity? Well yes, the people of Britain were never asked if they wanted their homeland and its identity changed, so this is a valid concern. Again I have to disagree, nobody in the UK has ever been asked “would you like to be part of the United States of Europe” and thus every day that passes without a referendum is a middle finger to democracy. I think this is the most worrying and biggest issue of our time. We never voted to join the EU in its current state, and as someone who is interested in history, and knows the real danger we face of a tyrannical dictatorship, I pray that we get the chance to break free of the shackles that have been forced upon us, in such a sneaky, cowardly and deceitful manner.

  2. You really seem to hate UKIP 😦 UKIP is not against immigrants, but it is against uncontrolled immigration. It wants to control (not stop, control) immigration. I don’t think that’s racist or too much to ask. Also, I don’t understand what is wrong with people learning English, I would hate for China, Saudi Arabia- any country, to become full of Brits who didn’t learn the language or adapt to the culture. England has had very little immigration before WW2, and before then even during invasions before recent history, the majority of the English population remained the same. The recent wave of immigration is truly unprecedented, not something that has always happened. Also, you say our empire is based on slavery and conquest, but the same could be said for pretty much every empire, ever, of all different races. For someone who seems to demand tolerance and acceptance, you are totally intolerant of UKIP’s viewpoints. Anyway, as a UKIP member, I wish you the best of luck with your transgender journey, and I am not being facetious. I just hope you might learn to be a little more open-minded.

    • Our Empire WAS based on Slavery. We don’t have one any more, and yes, I am aware that every empire in history has been built on the broken backs of oppressed subjects, but just because everyone else does something it does not make our actions any less reprehensible.

      Immigration really isn’t out of control. Where is this swarm Romanians and Bulgarians we were promised? Where is this aggressive Islamification? I live in the most ethnically diverse city in the country, and the only aggression, racism and prejudice I encounter is almost entirely from white working class men.

      As for my own prejudice, I did not prejudge UKIP. My opinion is based solely upon the words and actions of its members and its manifesto. Any party that opposes Equal Marriage for same sex couples without even knowing me, or every other non-heterosexual person in the country, they are saying that we just don’t deserve the same rights as heterosexual couples. THAT is prejudice. ‘Equal but Separate’ does not work, it just enforces difference and perpetuates intolerance. As for tolerance itself, I am tolerant of who everyone is, but I do not tolerate actions or policies that seek to demonise, segregate and diminish others, and why is that a bad thing? Tolerating these things makes one a party to them.

      This article is not aimed solely at UKIP, but at people I have encountered in my own life, through friends and family as well as in the street, who express these opinions based on no evidence except media sensationalism and inherent prejudice. These people Vote UKIP, Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem and Green. Some of the most Socially tolerant people I know come from Tory backgrounds, and some of the most inflexibly racist and homophobic have come from Labour stock. However it is hard to deny that UKIP is pandering to the prejudices stirred up by a sensationalist press, and that is a terrifying prospect to anyone who ticks a minority box.

      The fact that a lot of UKIP members and other right-wingers I encounter seem to be claiming persecution from others, is actually quite offensive. The party may be widely ridiculed for having reactionary policies and barmpot members who appear as almost caricatures of real people, but until there are laws limiting your rights as a member of UKIP, or when UKIP members start getting harassed or beaten in the street or denounced in churches as the work of the devil, it is an insult those who have fought, suffered and, yes, in all to many cases, died because of bigotry, prejudice and persecution.

      I appreciate your supportive words regarding my transition however, others in your party have been utterly scathing about the LGBT community such as Dr Gasper’s belief that we we should all be licking the boots of straight people in gratitude, that the gay rights act is a ‘lunatics’ charter’ and that gay men carry out half the child abuse in the country. What about Mr Silvester with his already widely acknowledged views on homosexuality that he was only suspended for only when they became public and embarrassed the management? Or Mr Bloom… enough said there. In fact the only time I have ever known a member of UKIP to speak out in favour of Equal Marriage, he was subsequently ejected from the party. I do not tar everyone with the same brush but when you associate with people that fling crap about, it will stick to you.

      • Long and interesting reply. I would love to go into a lot of detail but I have to keep it fairly brief due to time constraints.

        First of all I’m not saying two wrongs make a right, but I just feel it is unfair to speak with such shame about our old empire when many others were just as bad if not worse.

        I’m going to have to disagree about immigration. We have had more immigration each year between now and 2004 than between 1066 and 1945. That’s over 9 centuries of immigration a year. I don’t think it is unreasonable to control immigration like New Zealand, Australia, and the USA do, for example. Nobody calls them racist. It’s not about race, its about space.

        I am not opposed to gay marriage (but then I am 23 and many of my young UKIP-member friends feel the same). But at the same time I can see why some people might be opposed to it, but I’m not going to argue for a side I don’t completely agree with, I just tolerate it. For most of us youngsters in UKIP, we are more concerned with the fact that we’re controlled fiscally and politically by an undemocratic union that at the end of the day we NEVER voted to join in the first place- we joined a common market, not a political and fiscal union! And the fact that Nigel is too young to have even voted on it shows the contempt the EU has for democracy.

        Again, I just disagree that UKIP deals in fear-mongering. The latest immigration numbers were too high, and I don’t believe we know the number of Romanian or Bulgarian immigrants yet. UKIP is not against Islam, in fact one of our chief members is a Pakistani-born Muslim.

        As a white guy I have been victim to racial hatred, and my family have received death threats from a Muslim gang in High Wycombe, purely because of race. However, I would never tar a race or religion with the same brush. But UKIP members have been subject to racial hatred.

        I know that Mr. Silvester was removed from UKIP. And I don’t support his remarks, nor do almost all of UKIP. At the end of the day there are bigots in every party, and considering UKIP is so young it’s hardly surprising that there are a couple. Then again, look at Harriet Harman and Dianne Abbott, if they were UKIP members, UKIP would be toast! But the offensive UKIP members are few and far between, and their views are not the party view. You seem pretty reasonable, but I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree. My main hope is to tell people you can be right wing or libertarian, and not a racist, bigot, homophobe, or any of these other names.

        Best wishes.


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