Pope Francis, get with the times…

Here is the Pink News article covering the Pope’s recent comments.


It’s a shocking indictment of an institution when the new leader, hailed as a visionary, a moderate and a progressive is STILL ten years behind the rest of us with his thinking. I’m sorry Francis, but the church does not own the institution of marriage. Marriage existed long before the foundation of the Christian church, and also throughout other cultures around the world that had never been touched by a Rabbi, an Imam or Priest (Oo-err). There are records even of same sex marriages taking place in other cultures where what we would now call LGBT or GSM people were treated equally, or in some cases, even venerated. The desire to pair-bond is inherent in all of us, brought about by millions of years of evolution and it is an arrogant thing indeed to try and claim a monopoly on the matter.

While various religions describe marriage as being between one man and one woman in the eyes of their deity/deities they don’t seem to have much issue recognising the marriages of couples from other cultures, nor for civil marriages even though they are non-religious. Now, my view on religion is no secret. I find more truth, morality and rounded female characters in the Harry Potter books, than the Bible, but if those are the stories someone wishes to cling to, that’s their choice. For me the threat of a vengeful God carries no more weight than being told Santa won’t bring me any presents this year. When I hear voices speak to me, it’s not some divine mandate or almighty instructions, it is aspects of my psyche telling me to go give someone a hug, or not forget to buy that lactose free cheese, or push myself to the limit or stop licking the ends of batteries. Once one starts attributing these things to a supreme being, the instructions seem to get bigger and stranger until they get some massive personality disorder that people buying into the same set of stories are only too happy to encourage. But hey, if that’s your bag, so be it. No one is trying to take that away from you, but we’re a little miffed that your choice of fairy tales can dictate your political sway and is often used to batter others round the head.

Of course we can’t call religious organisations ‘homophobic’ anymore. Like the ‘N’ word, ‘Homophobic’ has been taken back and placed out of bounds of the non-homophobic people. When you’re standing on your platform, talking about how we shouldn’t have an equal place in society, spreading lies about the nature of homosexuality or transgenderism, fearmongering about gay conversion and predation on children, you feel you are being reasonable and acting within the remit of your faith. However, if ANYONE then mentions that you may be acting in a way that is detrimental and unfair to the LGBT community, you piss your pants like a tantruming toddler and scream that you are being oppressed for your faith. Get off the cross, you’re not the one dying for everyone else’s sins. The bloke who did that is supposed to have taught respect, love, compassion, forgiveness and tolerance as the keys to living a good life. You’re like those sci-fi fans who get so bogged down about the costume errors or minor continuity bloopers in an episode of Star Trek that you miss the whole point of the story.

Pope Francis knows that he has a choice between aligning his church with the increasingly pro-equality western world, or the increasingly backward and hostile developing world, yet right now he is straddling the line, trying to offer token gestures to one, whilst not abandoning the other, and while hard line cardinals and the more fervent among the populous long for a return to fire and brimstone, hell eternal and little forks up the posterior, the more pragmatic pope will know that the sway of the church is dependant on its wealth, and it is from the progressive, increasingly pro-gay world where that wealth will come from. It is only a matter of time before the Catholic Church will have to adapt to allow at least blessings of same-sex couples, especially when other branches of Christianity are poised to do it.

Franics may be bringnig the Catholic Church kicking and screaming into the twentieth century, but the message he puts forth is still one of ‘irreconcilable difference’ between heterosexual couples, and homosexual couples, with the former being of higher value that the latter.

It’s not good enough sweetie. Tell your troops to pull their fingers out from up their dresses, stop flinging perfume about and dropping to their knees to receive the flesh of a long dead demi-god, and acknowledge the inevitable.




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6 responses to “Pope Francis, get with the times…

  1. Lola

    Are you employed?

    • How is that relevant to this topic?

      • Lola

        I’ll take that as a no. Just wondered how you find the time to write so many in-depth pieces about everything you find offensive. I wish you all the best with your transition.

        • Take it how you wish, it just concerns me that one would seemingly judge the validity of someone’s opinions based upon their employment status. I am a writer, and a writer sets their own hours. Taking 15 – 20 minutes out of my day to throw an article together is hardly eating into my other obligations and projects. Would it matter if I were unemployed, disabled, a housewife, a single parent or a lady of leisure? My question was not my being defensive over my status, but rather my enquiring as to why it would matter.

          But anyway, thank you for your wishes. It is very kind of you.


  2. Lola

    For somebody so obsessed with tolerance and equality, you are highly intolerant of others. In a way I admire your self importance, as it must stem from a deep inner confidence that not many people have. However, writing patronizing things about religious people, such as calling their beliefs ‘fairy tales’ is no fairer of you then it would be of me to call you a bloke in a dress.

    • No, I think is absolutely fair to describe religion as fairy stories. Collections of short, easily accessible morality tales to be passed around orally between adults and children alike, often with a supernatural element. Don’t get me wrong, as a writer I hold story telling in massively high esteem, because there are truths to every tale. I just see no logical difference in taking one’s morality from Star Trek, The Bible, or Little Red Riding Hood.

      But what I am piss-spittingly indignant about is how, even in our modern age, we still bestow some kind of status on someone purely for their piety, when the basis of such piety cannot be proven, yet there is such restriction and condemnation heaped upon people who, it can be proven, is born a certain way.

      The religious right around the globe are currently boo-hooing about losing more and more of the right to discriminate based upon their faith. They are focussing hate campaigns and by speaking softly, trying to make us buy that they are looking for reasoned debate.

      It is really easy to forget the casualties of this stance when they are not your family, or friends, or colleagues of neighbours, but they are too numerous to count and those actions affect us all. Yes I call for tolerance and equality based on how people are born, but by tolerating hate and prejudice, all one does is aid it. I respect the rights of everyone to hold a belief, but to use that belief to deprive others of their rights, standing, security and self-respect is an abomination that must be fought for the sake of everyone.

      How is one supposed to fight intolerance and prejudice? Tolerate it? embrace it? Would you rather we just lay down and let the hateful few kick the shit out of us? “Hey this sucks, but at least we’re tolerating them.”

      The rights that you have today are there because people fought for them. Nothing in this world is given, it has to be fought for. Your right to vote, read, travel, communicate, express yourself, choose your spouse, choose your faith and love who you want to love, is from people standing against these things. But hey, I guess the people who fought so hard for those things were just intolerant, right?

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