Ten Dumbass things people have said to me as a bisexual…

1. There’s no such thing as bisexual.

Hello, I’m Tamlyn and I must exist only in your imagination!

2. You can’t trust a bisexual.

Really? Most of the backstabbing c*nts I have met have been decidedly one way or the other.

3. So you’re gay right?

Awwww, is ‘Bisexual’ too long a word for you to spell?

4. Do you have lots of threesomes?

Yeah, your mum comes round all the time.

5. Is it still cheating on your partner if you sleep with someone else of a different sex to them?

What, because it’s not really sex or affection if you’re bi? Of course it’s cheating, unless you’re in an open relationship.

6. You’re just greedy.

You’re just stupid.

7. You’re just after attention.

Yup, you got me. There just isn’t enough homophobia, mistrust or ridicule in being straight for my liking.

8. Why can’t you just admit that you’re lying to yourself?

Okay, I admit it, chips off someone else’s plate DO have calories.

9. You HAVE to have a preference though…

Oh? I wasn’t aware it had been signed into law.

10. God will punish you.

Nah, he just gets his mates to shout mean things like a pansy.


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One response to “Ten Dumbass things people have said to me as a bisexual…

  1. Some other misconceptions I have heard: bis must like men and women equally,bi women are just saying to get guys’ attention (very popular thinking among with gay women),bis want the best of both worlds,you’re hornier and sluttier than even gay men (yes I am using a gay stereotype to make an ironic point),if your partner is another gender you’re not on the lgbt team anymore,it means you only like two genders (conflating with “pansexual” and when we include non-binary trans* identities, mainly a semantics argument),you’re “going through a phase” or “just really curious” or you’re just “confused”.are you really “bi until graduation“? Hope this helps? If any of my points sound similar to what you already stated, sorry, thought maybe there was a noticeable difference. 🙂

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