Conchita Wurst and why it doesn’t matter what she is…

First off I would like to congratulate this year’s Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst. I do not watch Eurovision normally, and this year was no exception (although I proudly admit to watching Lordi show what Finland is best at back in 2006). However, in the build up to the contest there was all this talk about Conchita and whether he was a ‘she’, or she was a ‘he’… was this a drag act? Are we seeing another Transsexual going for Eurovision glory? Who gives a shit?

To my mind the most important thing that came of the contest was the overall embracing of Ms Wurst across the continent (and the fact that her victory royally cockslapped Putin and his limp-dicked government into an amusing toddler tantrum was also amusing). I have often declared my finding that a sizable majority of people ultimately either support someone for being LGBT or just don’t give a toss, and this proves my point. Drag, Trans, whatever… Europe embraced her regardless. Let’s not get bogged down with the details. Tolerence, acceptance and mutual respect should make the details irrelevant.

Whilst UKIP and BNP candidates, along with their right-wing allies across the continent, tell their respective electorates that ‘Gay Marriage’ and ‘LGBT rights’ are conspiracies of an ‘Elite Liberal Minority’ that go against the wishes of the majority, their efforts are being very publicly undermined by the very people they claim to speak for.

It is also highly entertaining to see the traditionally right wing press try to stir up some controversy by unleashing their more… shall we say… perpetually exasperated commentators.

What Brendan O’Neil seems to be giving away is just how much time he spends thinking about Penises and how important they are to the fabric of society. He is one of these individuals whose personality seems to be a solid 80-90% penis, and since the rest of him seems to be an arsehole, I hope he takes my advice to go fuck himself. He thinks that he is qualified to comment on something that a psychologist, psychiatrist or endocrinologist would be infinitely more qualified to talk about. I wonder if he would try to discount the works of rocket scientists or neurosurgeons with such an air of surety and confidence. Of course, it’s really pointless to try and debate these things with Telegraph readers, as they tend to just be really angry that they can’t blame immigrants and brown people for everything any more.

Conchita Wurst can cuddle up to her Eurovision trophy at night, while Brendon O’Neill can cuddle up to his precious penis, and the world will continue to spin.


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