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  1. I am sure that is what Janet Mock and Laverne Cox have to put up with constantly! Too bad no one asks Chaz Bono or Aiza Seguerra about their vaginas!

    • I get this a lot. It seems to be the defauIt “Wow I haven’t seen you since you… y’know…” conversation the nobel prize is, of course, an exaggeration). I think it would be interesting to make a list of challenges exclusive to both sides of the trans experience. I get asked A LOT about if it’s harder to be FtM or MtF… like I could possibly know.

      • Hands down trans women have it harder. I have yet issues to using a men’s bathroom. (But I am more passable than many trans men.) Cis men are far less judgmental than cis women, at least from my experience. Why most of the gays and their friends I knew dumped me, I have met other gay men who think it’s cool that I am a gay trans man. My university has no problem with me using men’s-only resources and facilities, but if there were a trans-female student, I am sure some cis students would feel uncomfortable. (The bathroom cultures really are different.) And the few times I have been told I’m simply doing this to “gain male privilege”, I smacked them down with my knowledge of sociology and legalese, because I find it harder living as a man than as a woman. In the US we have plenty of rules protecting women, but almost none protecting men from discrimination, harassment, etc, nor do we have the same welfare available to men and single fathers, that we have to women and single mothers.

      • I’m not saying women have it easier; each have their own unique issues. I’m just saying to the naysayers who think I’m doing this to gain some cultural advantage. Why do I want to go through years of therapy, taking all kinds of hormones, and go through aggressive surgery just for some perceived advantage?

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