Musings on the Differences Between Clever People and Stupid People

If the modern age has taught us nothing else, it is that there’s a lot of stupid people on the internet.

The problem with stupid people, is that you can disprove their stupid ideas to the ends of the earth, but they will still side with the stupid ideas because stupid ideas makes stupid people feel important. When you present a stupid person with a clever idea, it’s like presenting a clever person with a stupid idea. They take one look at it and think ‘that’s not for people like me’.

The important thing is to keep clever ideas away from stupid people… clever things like vaccines, disinfectants, medicine, the internet, the vote… these big clever ideas are not suitable for stupid people, as is evidenced by how stupid people don’t really get how these things work. Stupid people think that vaccines give children autism because one scientist said so, despite the fact that nearly every other scientist says otherwise.

Stupid people dismiss the concept of man-made climate change because a tiny percentage of scientists are sceptical, despite the vast majority supporting mankind as the cause. Stupid people claim sexual orientation is a choice because it says so in a book written in the bronze age, that is pretty much wrong about every other scientific claim it makes.

Stupid people think all Muslims are evil because some of the biggest dicks in the world right now happen to be Muslim, in spite of the fact that many of the biggest dicks in the world are NOT Muslim. Stupid people vote for whoever they vote for because, well see below…

Why do these ideas appeal to stupid people? Because stupid people want their answers easy. There are vastly different priorities for stupid people than for clever people. Clever people like their answers to be well thought out and considered so that they may stand up to scrutiny and provide a foundation on which to build the things that improve our lives. Stupid people like their answers quick and to the point. It doesn’t matter if they are right, stupid people don’t like thinking for too long.

If one politician stands up and says ‘our economy is in crisis because of decades of malpractice by the corporate and banking sectors, coupled with the self serving interests of consecutive governments and the deeply entrenched social divide between a small privileged elite and the masses they exploit’, stupid people will stand there scratching their heads. If a politician stands up and says ‘Our economy is in crisis because of Immigrants’, there’s an answer a stupid person can understand. Who cares if it’s right, the answer is short and that is what matters to a stupid person. Why spend ages trying to work out a solution to a real problem, when you get behind a simple answer to a pretend problem and feel just as much like you’re achieved something important?

Of course, clever people can do stupid things, and stupid people can do clever things which just goes to show that being stupid is, at it’s core a lifestyle choice.


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