#Immigration – Is it just easier to hate than to change attitude?

So Migrants seeking a better life in the EU (It isn’t just the UK that these people are aiming for) are being treated appallingly by authority figures and the press… what a shock. Katie ‘rent-a-gob’ Hopkins thinks we should be sending gunboats to obliterate them at sea, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, refers to them as a ‘swarm’;until recently, a term more associated with locusts than desperate refugees.

They are so desperate to reach somewhere safe that they will run through thirty mile, high-speed rail tunnels to try and get here, yet Phillp Hammond, our Foreign Secretary has today said that these people pose a threat our standard of living? What are they going to do? Cook funny smelling food? Speak to each other in a language you don’t understand? Maybe when he is in a retirement home and can’t find a British-born person willing to wipe his arse for minimum wage he might change his mind about immigration. Until then though it appears he’ll be shitting his pants every time he sees a brown person in Waitrose not wearing a tie.

Maybe I’m odd. Maybe I am used to people of different skin tones and different clothing, speaking different languages and eating different food. I have met and made friends with wonderful people of many different origins, and I feel richer as a person because of the experiences I have shared with them. Maybe I have been spoilt by the rich diversity of Leicester and Nottingham, with their veritable Dulux colour chart of cultures, that I just can’t get behind some good old fashioned British racism whenever it rears its head.

Oh, let’s not forget to throw in a good old swipe at the French from time to time, for old time’s sake.

Britain isn’t full, we just don’t invest in our infrastructure. The South-East is pretty crowded, but that’s because all the industry elsewhere got ripped to shreds and sold off meaning it was the only place in the country back in the 80s where you could earn a decent living (that wasn’t the actions of migrants by the way). Immigration creates a large net contribution to the British treasury, yet all people can do is complain about the concept of health tourism or benefit claims. The fact that migrants contribute more than they take out shows that they pay their way and then some. Immigration is good for our economy whilst treating the desperate and displaced like vermin is a stain on the soul of the nation.

But if we want to stop the ‘swarm’ of migrants into this country, perhaps we should stop doing things to make where they live so shitty that they want to leave… things like destabilising the middle east and north Africa, supporting oppressive regimes, bombing infrastructure during uprisings etc. Maybe if we cancelled third-world debt and instead sought to become equal trading partners with those countries that adopted a progressive stance on social issues, it would encourage progress and democratic reforms. We, the west, have our boot on the throat of the developing world. Why are they still the ‘developing world’? Because we would rather hold them to ransom for their resources than do right by their people. We can put a man on the moon, send probes out of our Solar System, order pizza from our mobile phones without even speaking to anyone, yet we’re happy to leave millions at the mercy of warlords and let thousands die each day from diseases that we don’t even see in the west any more.

You can’t pillage a continent of its resources, support tyrannical dictatorships and help kill civilians whilst the whole time espousing how wonderful the western world is, yet be surprised when the people we fucked over want a piece of the pie. It is, after all, a pie that was made, in a large part, from their suffering.


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