So I am a Podcaster now… #tandcakepodcast

Yes people. I may have been quiet on here of late, but I certainly haven’t been quiet. Together with my friend Aimee Joesbury, and with help from some other friends, we have put together this, our first in what will be a series of podcasts on Trans issues, Trans experiences and Trans Lives in our modern world.

For the pilot, our guests are Transgender Novelist, Amanda McIntyre Ure, and Chris Swift, a Gender Queer spoken word artist and blogger.

In this first episode we discuss Trans representation in the media, the double edged sword of declaring Trans identities on official forms and social media, the effect that enforcing gender roles on trans children can have, and the hoops that must be jumped through to get treatment on the NHS.

I hope you enjoy it and subscribe for future episodes. Please like and share.

The T & Cake Podcast


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